If you are seeking spiritual guidance or looking to develop your intuition, an Intuitive Guidance Reading, commonly known as a psychic reading, can provide valuable insights. It covers a wide range of topics including past, present, and future life experiences and knowledge.


On the other hand, if your main intention is to communicate with a loved one who has passed away, a mediumship reading is the appropriate choice.


If you're still unsure about which reading to go for, we can always surrender the decision to the Spirit and trust that the most necessary and relevant information will be delivered.

"Clair" what?

Psychics and mental mediums can tap into six senses, also referred to as "Clair Senses," to connect with Spirit.
These senses are similar to your physical senses, but they are perceived in the mind's eye of a medium. (Third Eye)
  • Clairvoyance, also known as "Clear Seeing," is the ability to visually perceive spiritual energy. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra.


  • Clairaudience, or "Clear Hearing," is the ability to hear messages from spirits and your inner voice. This sense also serves as a communication center for other spiritual gifts like channeling and telepathy. It is connected to the Throat Chakra.


  • Clairsentience, or "Clear Feeling," enables the medium to sense and experience the emotions and energies of others, as well as their own. These sensations can be particularly intense in the Sacral and Heart Chakras.


  • Claircognizance, or "Clear Knowing," is when you have a sudden realization or understanding of something without being able to explain how. It is associated with a deep inner knowing and does not rely on logical explanation.


What is a Psychic Medium?


A psychic medium is someone who possesses a heightened sensitivity to energies and uses this sensitivity to connect and communicate with loved ones who have passed away.


Each psychic medium has their own unique skills and areas of expertise, so there are no specific criteria that universally define a medium, except for their ability to establish connections and interact with spirits.


You may be most familiar with a type of mediumship called mental mediumship. In mental mediumship, the medium establishes a connection with spirits through their inner consciousness rather than relying on their physical senses.

Psychic vs Medium: What is the difference?


"What distinguishes a psychic from a medium?"


This is a question I often encounter. 


To put it simply, all mediums possess psychic abilities, but not all psychics are mediums.


A medium can be likened to a direct line of communication to the Spiritual Realm. They refine their psychic senses to focus specifically on the Spirit Realm, enabling them to connect with departed loved ones who wish to convey messages to their clients. A competent medium should be able to provide evidence that helps identify the specific loved one who is communicating. This evidence may include personality traits, the nature of the relationship, names or significant dates, shared memories, detailed descriptions, and more. Once the authenticity of the connection is established, the medium can relay messages from the spirit to the client.


Psychics and mediums both possess developed psychic senses, known as "clairs". These senses allow them to perceive subtle energies and sensations, similar to how we use our physical senses of sight, sound, and touch. However, mediums go beyond this and specialize in connecting with spirits from the other side.

How to prepare for a reading?

Express Your Intentions Clearly.


Psychic/Intuitive Reading:

Prior to your reading, take some time to identify the areas of your life where you seek guidance or the questions you wish to have answered. In a Psychic/Intuitive Reading, I make it known to the person I am reading for that I will check in with them halfway through to ensure that I address all their concerns. It can be helpful to create a list of questions in order of importance to refer to. While many of your questions may be answered before you ask them, having a list can provide a sense of reassurance that nothing will be overlooked.


Medium Reading:

Another way to establish your intentions for the reading is by inviting your deceased loved ones to be present. If you desire to communicate with someone significant from your past, you can enter a state of meditation or prayer and extend an invitation for them to join you. Simply focusing your thoughts on and calling upon your departed loved ones can help you prepare to receive messages from them during a Mediumship Reading.



Additional Considerations:

  • Decide whether to record or take notes.If you wish to have a record of your session, inquire with the Medium about the possibility of recording it or taking notes. In many cases, the Medium may offer to record a phone or online session for you, but it's important to communicate your preference in advance. Recording or note-taking is a personal choice. Some clients may feel uneasy or self-conscious about having their sessions recorded and may prefer taking notes instead. Others find note-taking distracting and opt for recording to stay fully present. Choose the option that brings you the most comfort.


  • Ensure a quiet and comfortable space for online sessions. If you will be conducting the reading online, make sure you have a peaceful and comfortable environment. Having a quiet space will contribute to a more focused and undisturbed session.
    Cleanse Your Energy; being energetically clear can enhance the reading.Before the reading, consider cleansing your energy. Being in an energetically clear state can enhance the overall experience. There are various methods for cleansing energy, such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, visualization, or engaging in activities that bring you a sense of inner peace and balance. Find what resonates with you and helps you feel energetically prepared for the reading.

What To Do During Your Reading

Approach with an Open Mind.


Strive for Relaxation.

Feeling nervous or stressed can be overwhelming. By cultivating a calm state of mind, you enhance the potential for a stronger connection to unfold.


Embrace Tears.

Crying is a natural part of the experience and can contribute to the healing process.


Utilize Simple Responses.

At the beginning of a Mediumship session, I request that you limit responses to yes, no, I'm not sure, or I need more information. It is crucial to clearly communicate your answers to the Medium without providing excessive details. If something seems unclear during the session, don't hesitate to mention it. This might indicate that the Medium misinterpreted certain information, allowing them to offer clarification for you.