Hello, I'm Ashley Gagnon, also known as Aley. Many of you may know me as a mother, wife, banker, sister, daughter, friend, and an active member of the community. I come from a strong Baptist background where attending church on Sundays, being part of youth groups on Fridays, and engaging in prayer and Bible reading were essential aspects of my life. I still remember scriptures and could even excel at naming all the books of the Bible in the correct order if challenged.


Although I no longer follow Christianity, I hold a belief in a higher power that resides within each individual, whether it is a God or a universal Source.


I am a mother of two daughters and married to a veteran who served in the Afghanistan War. As a family, we enjoy activities such as basketball, hiking, kayaking, meditation, and simply spending quality time together. We are a typical American family.


After being diagnosed with Lupus in 2020, my interest in holistic treatments grew significantly, and I delved into the world of herbalism, incorporating oils and herbs into my daily routine. Additionally, I utilize herbs in my spellcasting for manifestations.
Exploring my ancestry and understanding my roots has provided me with a deeper understanding of myself and the path that led me to where I am today. On my father's side, my 9th great-grandfather was Roger Toothaker, a natural healer who was accused of witchcraft by another doctor in his town. Sadly, he passed away in prison in 1692 while awaiting trial on these charges. However, his wife Mary and daughter Margaret were both tried and found not guilty. They later returned to their farm in Ballerica, only to be killed by natives. Mary's sister, Martha Carrier, was hanged in August 1692 on charges of witchcraft.

My Childhood Experience

Let me take you back tof my o a few moments of my earliest memories, a moments when I felt  deep spiritual connections.

As a child, I felt a deep spiritual connection with the unseen. I remember a unique experience during a house visit when I was five. While exploring a potential new home, I heard a piano melody and smelled the distinct aroma of mold and cigarettes. I discovered an old man playing the piano in the basement, a presence no one else seemed to see. Although we didn't buy the house, this experience stayed with me, hinting at my connection with the spiritual world at age

At age nine, living in a first-floor apartment, I was troubled by vivid and terrifying dreams. I would often wake up screaming and run upstairs in fear, sensing ominous shadows trailing me. Despite visits to a pastor and his prayers, these nightmares continued. Two of these dreams were particularly horrifying. In one, I saw a body being removed from our building's laundry room. In another, I witnessed a woman being brutally murdered in our bathroom. Years later, a woman was indeed murdered in our old apartment, in a manner eerily similar to my dream.

These childhood experiences shaped my relationship with the spiritual world. As I grew older, my ability to see spirits visually decreased, but I could still sense their energy. Conversations with spirits transitioned from physical sightings to my mind’s eyes. These experiences have taught me that recognizing the presence of spirit in our daily lives can enrich our spiritual connection. Practices like mindfulness, prayer, meditation, and acts of kindness can help us become more attuned to the spiritual energy around us. An open mind and heart can further strengthen our connection with spirit.

My Intuition

Trusting my gut instincts has proven to be a reliable guide, shielding me from both physical and mental harm.

It was a couple of years back when I found myself returning from an extended weekend getaway with some close friends. We had embarked on a journey spanning hundreds of miles and were roughly halfway towards our destination. As we deliberated whether to push through the night in search of progress or seek respite in a nearby hotel, my companions and I found ourselves at odds.

Typically, my eagerness to return home would have propelled me forward, but on this occasion, an inexplicable sensation urged me to halt. A voice from within whispered, "Do not drive tonight." Despite opposition from my friends, I managed to sway them towards the decision of seeking accommodation for the night. The following morning, we received the devastating news of a severe accident that had occurred during the dark hours. A fatigued driver had collided with a guardrail, plunging into the depths of a river. Had we persisted in our nocturnal journey, we would have arrived at the exact location of the incident just as it unfolded.

In that moment, I felt an overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude for heeding my intuition and the inner voice that guided me.


When faced with challenges or difficult decisions, I tap into my psychic intuition to navigate through the maze. It's a remarkable ability that allows me to discover solutions effortlessly, even when I'm not actively seeking them. By relying on my spiritual intuition, I steer clear of potential troubles and gain insight into my place among others. Instead of relying on external evidence, I trust in the power of my inner guidance. It's a natural quality that enables me to connect with my higher self and attain a heightened state of awareness.

How I work with Spirit

I am here for you to provide love and light, serving as a source of support as you tap into your inner power to heal from the loss you have endured. By facilitating a connection with your departed loved ones, I can provide you with loving messages backed by evidence, while also helping you release any negative emotions.


In my role as a psychic medium, I act as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, allowing Spirit to communicate with you through me. This is a significant and solemn responsibility that comes with being a light worker.


My purpose in this work is to create a safe space where you can find solace after experiencing a loss, as well as to provide guidance for important decisions you may face in your life.


As an Evidential Medium, I bring forth verifiable evidence of your departed loved ones and relay any messages they have for you.


Additionally, as a Psychic, I can provide you with clarity on various aspects of your life, such as relationships, finances, travel, and career.

Ethics in Psychic Mediumship

I am here to provide love and light.


  • Throughout our session, I hold the responsibility of providing validation while acknowledging that none of us, including myself, are infallible.


  • I solemnly vow to never predict or speak of death, or engage in any actions that may cause harm, as far as I am consciously aware.


  • Furthermore, I will never utilize my psychic abilities to manipulate or exert influence over another person, especially when it comes to serving paying clients.


  • My utmost dedication lies in assisting my clients in gaining understanding that empowers them to make wise decisions.


  • I deeply respect the boundaries set by my clients, and if they have not granted permission for me to access their energy, I will refrain from doing so. For instance, I will not read one person after another in a grocery store line without their explicit consent.


  • Above all, I honor the client's right to make their own choices, even if those choices may not align with their best interests. I will always respect their autonomy and strive to guide them toward decisions that are more aligned with their highest good.


  • In order to carry out my work effectively, I will ensure that the client does not provide me with excessive information before the reading. I aim to maintain a balanced approach and will only ask the client specific questions when clarification is needed, avoiding any "fishing" for information.


  • Even if delivering certain truths may upset my customer, I am committed to being honest as that is the expectation placed upon me.


  • I am fully aware of the gravity of each reading and the potential impact it can have. I will not encourage my client to overly depend on me, recognizing the importance of empowering them to make their own choices and decisions.


  • If a client is unable to receive a meaningful reading, I will not charge them. Therefore, there is no intention on my part to make additional attempts to read that individual.